Claude Buccella


In the Adelaide real estate industry the name Claude Buccella invokes thoughts of confidence and trust with clients; For over 30 years he has delivered outstanding results through combining an open, honest and passionate style with vast industry knowledge. He applies a client-focussed and result-oriented ethos to every transaction converting many of them into lasting and valued relationships with client’s seeking him out time and again to handle their real estate needs.

Claude is known for his integrity, professionalism and solid work-ethic which he delivers across the Residential sales, Residential Property Management and Commercial Sales and Leasing sectors. Along with his business partners Claude manages over 70 team members across four franchises applying his skills towards maintaining a strong office-culture and to mentoring the team to achieve greater results themselves; Imparting his knowledge and experience across the business is simply good business.

Real estate is not about property, it is about people, and the underlying platform of Claude’s approach is about creating and nurturing good relationships, effective communication and expert industry knowledge. Delivering these three elements in his indomitable style ensures his client’s, and those of his team, receive a level of service and results that exceed their expectations and know they have a real estate professional they can rely upon. Whether communicating in Spanish, Italian or English Claude applies the same principles: Professionalism, extensive industry knowledge and a personable approach towards outstanding results, effective communication and lasting relationships.

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  • Annual SA/NT - Business Owner Of The Year - Aug 2018
  • Life Elite (PIM) - Dec 2012
  • Annual SA/NT - Business Owner of the Year (Finalist) - Jun 2010
  • 21 Club - May 2009